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 2019, 1min 39 sec, found footage, digital collages
                                                                                               music: permanenterror        

The work addresses the relationship between time, memory, and how we preceive the subjective reality of it; which we base our everyday thoughts and experiences on. How do we remember things? When we recall a concept in mind, is it the same ideal or each time a different constitution of that memory, an interpretation of a concept dependent on the exact state of the organism in space and time unique to that moment? Do we change constantly our state of memory as we constantly change and update the way we see the world? Our perceptions of everything are so fluid and not possible to identify with satisfactory clarity at any given moment.This work utilizes three elements: music, text and images. The three blurring into each other and simultaneously becoming one new unique compound unto itself - a film, just as our every day experiences mix with past events to give us our present. This short visual/sound composition mirrors the loneliness, desiderium of memory in an allegory of the process of remembering.The collages of the sculpture of Michael Angelo -David, represent the struggle of every independent individual. The collages are  blended with found footage of MRI scans of the human brain. We try to understand and process our environmental input and amalgamate it with our past experiences/knowledge,  but we are designed to stay mostly on the surface of our knowledge. The memory stays frozen like a marble David´s head of  Michelangelo´s sculpture ,it portraits only the ideal of thoughts but not a real situation. The words which you can faintly hear in the ´´melting music´´ sound familiar, but they are difficult to completely recognize; disappearing and melting from our consciousness like many thtoughs in our overloaded memory:        
Już nie mieszkam w twojej głowie, (I don´t live in your head anymore
w twojej głowie mieszka ktoś ,        (in your head lives someone else) 
there is silence in the noise                                                                    
                                             cisza                                                (silence)