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             Photos: Suchart Wannaset         

~ END~ LESS~ FLOW~ (column_01)

                                                                                          plywood papel, MDF, aqrylic, pastel                                                                                           
1,25m x 1,5m x 2,5m


The work ~ END~ LESS~ FLOW~ is a sculptural installation and consists of three parts. The main matter of the work is the oscillation of Greece’s political situation in 2015 in the EU and it is presented in a symbolic way as three columns without any functional goal. The sculpture in the picture is built of cheap materials like MDF wood plates, and it is simple to rebuild and transport; almost like IKEA furniture. The uselessness of its function is not only emphasized through the unstable material but also through its dimension, and its inability of supporting a ceiling. The object consists of two main elements: colors and shapes. The main goal was exploring harmony and rhythm in the form, and through the use of color and shape to lead a viewer into contemplation and give them an illusion of the “flow”. The dualism of the work ́s title is significant in adequately demonstrating this social/political issue.