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                                                            Photos: Suchart Wannaset                                             

~ END~ LESS~ FLOW~ (column_02)

MDF, foil, found footage: 3min54s (looped)

0,6m x 0,85m x 2,50m

A column is the second part of the sculptural installation ~ END~ LESS~ FLOW~. This part represents an indicative matter of a political issue in the EU in 2015 and is related to the crisis in Greece. The column_02 is made of “poor” material - processed wood. The manufacturing of these relatively new technologies understandably gives no longterm guarantee. The unstable material in this work emphasizes garbage and the makeshift dual characteristics of those times. The feelings of uncertainty and illusion are also increased with a looped film, which is projected directly onto the sculpture. The film is a collage of a find footage moving graph, representing the sine wave in quantum physics and a record of the reflecting water.