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  mixed media: domestic objects: lamp, stove; ladder, van, clay, folie, water  
(sculpture 120x30x40cm, clay) wiki/Wikileak wiki/Leak wiki/4_Vesta lm) http:// er_(1979_ lm) ancholia_(2011_ lm)http://!http:// ́ ́We all silently accept global capitalism is here to stay. On the other hand, we are obsessed with cosmic catastrophes: the whole life on earth disinte- grating, because of some virus, because of an asteroid hitting the earth, and so on. So the paradox is, that it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more modest radical change in capitalism. ́ ́Slavoj Žižek

In this work I intend to evoke the mood of the feeling of catastrophe. e simple arrangement simulates the unpredictable danger through the quiet atmosphere: a rhythmic blowing fan, moving blinds, and smoke emitting from the sculpture. It is almost as if a volcano is about to erupt. e work was inspired by the news about the meteoroid that struck down in Russia in 2015 and by the Russian politics absurdly accusing the US government for this cosmic incident. is work also reect the nostalgia and poetic aspects of Tarkovsky’s movie Solaris. Zizek’s statement ideally illustrates my actual position about the current situation in the world, which instead of focusing on global problems, produces lms about global destruction and nostalgia for a better life outside of planet earth.