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UNTITLED (Cata(stoph)al(sky))

drawing: fine-tip felt pen on paper , 6m x 1,5m,

sculpture : plywood birch , lack, 150cm x30cm x30cm

„...While his power over matter grows, he feels powerless in his individual life and in society. While creating new and better means for mastering nature, he has become enmeshed in a network of those means and has lost the vision of the end, which alone gives them signi cance-man himself. While becoming the master of the nature, he has become the slave of the machine, which his own hands built. With all his knowledge about matter, he is ignorant with regard to the most important and fundamental question of human existence: what a man is....“

The Erich Fromm’s words re ect my questions about the human condition, nature, space and technology. By the presenting surreal space, I try to confront the blinded sureness in the high technology with the unpredictable nature.
The drawing and sculpture re ect summed places in the catastrophic way are becoming a refection of human‘s existence, nature, space and technologie.
A precise drawing is contrasting with over-scaled place‘s damages to expose nature‘s powers. e sculpture represents abstract spaces of distored buildings in the drawing. The wooded sculpture is designed through a 3d program.