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 mix media 
                                                                                               solo exhibition, Flux Factory, New York, 2020         

 on the edge where the outside ends and the interior begins,
from tomorrow to today,
from today to yesterday,
today, yesterday, tomorrow,
non stop,
the same movement,
the same bread,
the same taste of coffee,
the same set,
of societal punctuation marks on our lives,
everything melting into one surface,
form one place to another,
form one text to another,
from one word to another,
we know something,
we don’t know all,
we are a copy of our copies,
building on our parents feelings,
to create a world on the rules of our grandparents,
breaking what is right,
breaking what was bad,
building what is good,
building what was false,
living on the surface,
melting with the lines,
gathering points form place to non-place,
finding utopia,
creating dystopia,
uploading pictures,
typing feelings,
not knowing anything,
knowing everything,
posting, copying, recording,
processing, deleting, moving,
postponing, saving, forgetting,
becoming a surface,
without any significant points,
just diving,
from utopia to dystopia,
                                                                                into blurred boundaries