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mix media: screen printing, acrylic,

plywood birch, photo from newspaper, tape,

found footage lm 2min38s (looped)

ca 5m x 5m x 1m

A sculpture mirrors the physical experience of fear and aggression. The dimension of the work emphasizes its domination over a viewer. The great plates jointed by an unstable system cutting ́ ́ in and out ́ ́ present rapid solution, escalation of a hazard and a possibility of collapse. Another element of the sculpture is a looped find footage film, projected directly onto it. The film shows playing and fighting teenage girls in a swimming pool. This short footage illustrates adequately how fluently an innocent movement can easily shift into a negative outcome. The aesthetic of the work incisively resonates with a subject. The film is deformed and defragmented through a projection on to a crossing side point of the work. The palisades landscape is hard to recognize through a monochrome silver screen directly printed onto the work is dematerialized, defragmented and transformed.